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English CV: Digital Designer – Ozgur Serdar Altunoglu

Hi, I’m Serdar,

I was born in Istanbul live in Ankara. I am a digital designer. I graduated from Electric Electronics Engineering in Yeditepe University in Istanbul. But I didn’t like linear engineer thinking. I’m interested in humanity, philosophy, digital arts, and multi or meta-discipliner science.

Since 2007, I have live in Ankara and I am student of philosophy in Ankara University and student of Sociology in correspondence School of Anadolu University. While I was studying Social Science I also took digital design courses in the field of Adobe and Autodesk softwares. Therefore, it extends my vision and also gains lots of different point of views. It gives me opportunity to use my philosophy knowledge on computer usage skills. After all of these, I have worked Arkadaş Publishing during 3 years of experience. From now on, I am also available for freelance projects. I want to make beautiful animation projects. You can visit my tumblr portfolio page and to see my previous works.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me by e-mail: or use my contact page.

Short Summary of my Works:

1. My Portfolio

To view the my selected portfolio please click. To see my recent digital design works please visit my Tumblr Page. To read my academic articles see my page. And my stories are in my blog.

2. My Animations

The Strangest Creature on Earth

Old Ram

Goodman vs Sticked’s Gang (English Subtitled) (iMDb)

3. Designed Typefaces (Fonts)

Okula Hayır  (dafont link)
Okula Hayır Soft   (dafont link)
Elif Sans Herif   (dafont link)

4. Web Site Projects

Anarchist Recipes from Elif’s Feminist Kitchen: This is not a regular recipes site. This is a kind of feminist activism. Turkey is a masculine country like US.  Many of them still believe in creationism blindly. In my country, women rights are not strong. The main purpose of this site is to give some awareness to Turkish housewives include my mom and my girlfriend. If they become more sentient, the word becomes more livable.

Lunatic Moon University: This is a virtual university landed on moon. Both dead and alive teachers can give lecture in this campus. Moon University -Ay Evrenkenti- in Turkish is an alternative education project. Its Rector is Irwin Corey. If Irwin Corey is Headmaster, the university is so funny for students.

Stop the Schooling: The site motto is “We Against to Linear Schools but Reading Books”. In my country high-schools and universities are garbage. Both of them are waste of time. Many graduated person don’t like reading book. Although you don’t like reading books, you have to read. The main aim is giving new education ideas with fun.

Minimal City Art Faculty: I love minimalism and I am a commuter. This is an art blog about city and minimalism. This blog is also a part of (AE) Moon University Project.

These projects come with my life experience and projects evolve over time. I’m still trying, writing, learning and combining to extend my vision of life.

Thank you for visiting.
Özgür Serdar Altunoğlu